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Black garlic

Adults from 50 years old have a habit of eating a teaspoon a day and going to bed

About TOJO farm

TOJO Farm is a branded farm of "Jumbo Garlic".

Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, where the farm is located, is a brackish water area where the seawater of the Sea of Japan and the freshwater of the Tama River mix. And because it is also a caldera area, fresh and large garlic grows in mineral-rich soil.

The size of jumbo garlic is larger than that of apples!


Tokitsu Bee Garden

Niho, Yamaguchi Prefecture, is a land rich in nature with abundant nectar plants.

Tokitsu Bee's life is particular about using no pesticides and provides the honey collected by the bees from the flowers blooming in the mountains of Niho without any processing. The honey has a real taste.

黒の蒜蜜 匠

Introduction of black garlic master

​"Jumbo garlic", which was raised with a lot of love by two people, and honey of honeybees, which were carefully raised while thinking about the future of the earth.

The thoughts of the four masters have become one, and a wonderful product that can be eaten with peace of mind has been completed.

Takumi of TOJO farm

Photo left) Ryoko Tojo
Right) Shinji Tojo

They don't have onions, they have garlic! Have you ever seen such a big garlic?
It's bigger than an apple!
This jumbo garlic is grown by TOJO Farm in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. This time, we talked to STORY, the creator of "Black honey KURO NO HIMITSU", and Mr. and Mrs. Tojo, a garlic farmer.
How did the TOJO farm start? Shinji, the owner of the jumbo garlic at TOJO Farm, actually worked for the city hall for many years. About 5 years ago ... Continued


​Honey: Tokitsu Bee Garden


"Tokitsu Bee's life" that does not use pesticides
Yoshinori Togitsu is the representative of Togitsu Bee's life, a beekeeping garden that does not use any pesticides in the town of Niho, Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.
Mr. Togitsu, who has a unique background like Mr. Tojo of TOJO Farm, is a graduate student of science and a former police officer. When he was a college student, he became interested in pesticide-free agriculture (organic cultivation) when he visited a company advocating FFC agriculture. After that, after graduating from graduate school, I couldn't give up even though I had a regular job, and went on to the agricultural path.
In the daytime, I went to JA to learn agriculture ...


Black garlic

A collaboration product between TOJO Farm and Tokitsu Bee Farm is born.
Please enjoy the "secret moment" of garlic and honey ...

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